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Usulan Asosiasi Kembang Api Liuyang

Waktos: 2021-09-27 Hit: 71

Each fireworks and firecracker production and operation enterprise:

At present, the transformation and upgrading of fireworks and firecrackers is in a critical period of climbing over the ridge. The strategic decision of the Ministry of emergency response to build a fireworks and firecrackers concentration area in the four counties and cities along the Hunan Jiangxi border is a major measure to promote the high-quality development of the fireworks and firecrackers industry. As a leader in the development of Hunan Jiangxi fireworks industry, Liuyang should show its leading role, follow the national, provincial and municipal decision-making and deployment, closely follow the thinking, positioning, objectives and tasks of the construction of the concentration area, earnestly implement the requirements of various measures, and strive to create a "Liuyang model" for the construction of the concentration area. Here, Liuyang fireworks and firecrackers association sends the following suggestions to all colleagues:

-Establish the benchmark of safety production.


1, implement the transformation and upgrading of "one enterprise and one policy". All enterprises should comprehensively carry out standard self-examination without discount and do it item by item according to the newly revised national standards, so as to ensure that the basic conditions of safety production fully meet the requirements of the newly revised safety standards and improve the intrinsic safety level of the unit. Second, implement safety responsibilities and strengthen safety management. Affected by epidemic situation, weather, major activities and other factors in the first half of this year, Fireworks and firecrackers production enterprises are seriously under started, which is bound to cause overload and overtime to catch up with production in the second half of the year, and there are great risks in production safety. All enterprises must firmly establish the concept of safety development, strengthen the bottom line thinking, strictly abide by safety production laws and regulations, compact safety production responsibilities, strengthen safety production site management, strengthen employee safety education, strictly follow safety production rules and regulations, highlight the troubleshooting and treatment of hidden dangers in each workshop and post, and carry out production and operation according to the system, Highlight the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers in each workshop and post, continuously improve the safety management level with an institutionalized and standardized standard system, and set a benchmark for the construction of fireworks and firecrackers concentration area.


2, Build a quality brand highland. All enterprises should strive for survival by quality, seek development by innovation, constantly improve product quality and safety system construction, strictly implement product quality standards, and strictly control the source of raw and auxiliary materials. Do not produce fake and shoddy products and products beyond the scope and specifications, do not use inferior raw and auxiliary materials, do not produce and sell fake large and empty products, constantly optimize the product structure, increase the scientific research investment and development of new products, develop personalized products that meet the market demand, and promote the upgrading of product quality from "large and complete" to "fine and beautiful". 


3, Strengthen industry self-discipline.


This year, the cost of raw and auxiliary materials for fireworks has increased significantly

The vicious competition of excessive quality and price intensifies the lack of potential development and safety risks of the industry, which seriously restricts the healthy development of the industry. All enterprises should operate in good faith, strengthen quality competition, develop in a group, jointly resist malicious competition, put an end to the behavior of excessive quality and price, return the product price to the normal track, and jointly maintain the self-improvement production and operation of the industry


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