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Koha: 2021-06-16 Goditjet: 70

What are your childhood memories? When I was a child,I always looked forward to the new year.Due to at the end of every year.my father will take our sisters to a small shop to buy new year's goods.This is the happiest moment my sister and I are looking forward to.We only have some money, which has been allocated in dad's mind. Part of the money is used to buy daily necessities.and part of the money is used to buy some fruits and snacks to entertain relatives and friends on New Year's day. The last part left must be used to buy firecrackers.Dad would rather buy less other things.can't do without fireworks and firecrackers.It's only with fireworks and firecrackers that we can enjoy the new year.And my sister and I look at the colorful fireworks every time, reluctant to move a small step. At that time, as a child in the countryside, the family was not rich, and even in our words, it was a bit too much. At the end of every year,my family can hardly afford to buy new year's goods.Sometimes,Dad had to borrows some money from relatives and friends to buy some new year's goods for the family. Dad often says that although the family is poor,there should always be a new year's day all the year round. Yes, no matter how life treats us, always keep a beautiful heart,a grateful heart.Life should be some expectations will really slowly become better! A beam of light in the dark,a bunch of brilliant fireworks to illuminate for you! Fireworks accompany me through childhood,fireworks let my childhood memories full,fireworks for my not rich home brought laughter,the air filled with the smell of fireworks is my life unforgettable happiness!

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