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Liuyang Qinglong Fireworks Co.,Ltd is a production and sales for the integration of large-scale professional fireworks manufactures and suppliers in the Liuyang China . we have export license and own our large fireworks factories . making both class B fireworks (professional fireworks) and class C fireworks (consumer fireworks) for many years, we have 2 factories to produce the products, so we feel confidence that our price will be competitive and the quality which we produce are very well. Our products have been directly or indirectly export to many countries.such as ,Europe , Africa ,South America ,South Asia .Middle East and other regions .Won the praise of each customers.


Our main products are as follows: 1.Class B fireworks: roman candles, display cakes (such as 49 shots, 80shots,100shots and other different shots fan cakes, v shape cakes, w shape cakes, z shape cakes, straight up cakes ). 2.Class C fireworks: such as crackers, fountains, sparklers and morning glories, mine & shell devices-single & multi tube, novelties, rockets, helicopters and so on. You are sincerely invited to visit our factory for detailed information about our products, where there are plenties of items. I trust that some of itmes will be of interest to you , so please do not hesitate to contact me for product catalog. Any kind of your inquiry, correspondence will be warmly treated by our side.