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Одложен 15. Меѓународен фестивал на културата на огномет во Кина (Лиујанг)!

Време: 2021-09-30 Посети: 129

Одложен 15. Меѓународен фестивал на културата на огномет во Кина (Лиујанг)!

Liuyang fireworks Association 

About the 15th China (Liuyang)

Announcement on the extension of the International Fireworks Culture Festival

Dear exhibitors, visitors and colleagues in the industry

Thank you for your attention and support to the China (Liuyang) International Fireworks Culture Festival. In view of the severe epidemic situation abroad and the repeated epidemic situation in China, in order to effectively ensure the health and safety of each participant and create the best festival effect, after careful research, the 15th China (Liuyang) Festival was originally scheduled to be held in October this year The International Fireworks Culture Festival will be postponed to the first half of next year. The specific time will be announced later. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you!

"Liuyang fireworks are civilized in the world, and the world fireworks look at Liuyang". As a national geographical indication protection product, Liuyang fireworks fully reflect Liuyang's "one river poetry and painting, full of fireworks" The city's charm has enabled more tourists to enjoy the original and colorful fireworks cultural feast in Liuyang, which has enhanced the influence of Liuyang fireworks in an all-round, multi angle and in-depth way. Therefore, we will make more preparations to show more remarkable activity effects. When the epidemic comes to an end, let's get together in Liuyang and create a better future as the fireworks capital of the world. Thank you again Understanding and trust!

Are you coming to the 15th Liuyang International Fireworks Festival ?  Welcome !

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