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Tempu: 2021-08-30 Visite: 68

  Whenever you see a gorgeous fireworks in the sky , what kind of memory will you recall ?

  When I was a child, I had the fun of playing with toy fireworks  with my companions .

  When people in love,there is an incomparably brilliant and exciting night .

  When with your family ,There are warm moments when enjoy the smell of fireworks in the air

 Fireworks make me forget the fatigue of life and the pressure of work. When we are tired, we lie on a piece of grass. Don't look up, lie quietly, don't blame your loss, forget everything, accompanied by fireworks and guarded by stars

 Fireworks people's holiday is coming to an end, The factory is expected to produce fireworks after September 1 . pregnant with full energy, we have been moving forward, just to continue the romance of fireworks.For you ,For Her .

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